National Wildlife
Reserve (Range)
Clark County, Nevada

Alamo Road
Deadman Canyon
Joe May Canyon
Morman Well Road
Sheep Range
Yucca Forest

   "Ready to hike up this beautiful canyon!"


Standing on top of the escarpment
that is South of Desert Lake, behind me.

Desert National Wildlife Refuge

The Desert National Wildlife Refuge was established
May 20, 1936 for the preservation and management
of Desert Bighorn Sheep.  It is the largest National
Wildlife Refuge in the continental US: 1.6 million
acres in Clark County, Nevada.  The refuge is about
20 miles NW of Las Vegas on Highway 95 North.
The habitat ranges from the low-land, desert shrub communities below 6,000 ft. elev. to coniferous forest
communities in the high mountain ranges from
7,000-9,000 ft. elev.  In 1974, approx. 1,433,1000
acres were proposed for wilderness status. 

Joshua blooms along Alamo Road

Landscape on alluvial fan along Alamo Road

Winter Sunset at Deadman Canyon trailhead

Joshua blooms in front of the Sheep Range

Rainbow below snow cloud over Desert Lake

View North from escarpment at Desert Lake

Snow blows out from Dead Man Canyon

Desert Valley from Alamo Road

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